Adora Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Pillow - Play Ice Cream

Adora Dolls

SKU: 21921

  • Size: 15”l x 9.6”w x 2”d
  • Colorful, trendy & ADORAbly cute design
  • Swipe over sequins to reveal a different color or picture
  • Sparkly sequins flip up and down easily
  • Flip over sequins make writing and drawing easy
  • May help relieve stress and anxiety
  • Use for home décor, play, pillow and more
  • Makes a great gift!
  • Ages 6 and up

OooOoo! Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play pillows are so magical, trendy and cute! These decorative pillows can be used as home décor, to play with, rest your head on and even as a stress reliever. The high quality sequins are reversable and reveal different colors when the mermaid-like scales are flipped up or down. This sequin mermaid pillow has an oh-so-soft plush back that is so cuddly, children love to squeeze them tight. Flip-Out! Sequin Plush Play Ice Cream has an ADORAbly sweet face and almost looks good enough to eat! Flip the sequins down for a yellow vanilla wafer cone with a scoop of iridescent white vanilla, pink strawberry and a red cherry on top! Flip the color changing sequins up to find a silver cone, blue ice cream scoop shimmery pink ice cream scoop and a sparkly cherry on top! You’ll fall in love with the bright colors, patterns and even makes a unique gift for birthdays, parties and more! Ages 6 and up.

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