BABY born Surprise Series 2

BABY born Surprise Series 2


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Unwrap Baby Born Surprise, the cute little bundle of joy with 10+ surprises! Unbox the adorable package wrapped in real fabric blankie. Each baby is bundled up in an adorable snuggly swaddle, sewn in a surprise design like a pink flower or an adorable unicorn. Use water to wake baby up and reveal her eye color. Unwrap the swaddle to uncover baby's unique hairstyle, and baby's bottle color tells if it's a boy or a girl. Feed baby water and she pees to reveal the color change diaper pattern. Baby's arms and legs move, so she can sit up or lay down.

There are so many adorable babies, cute swaddles, and color change diapers to collect! Includes a collector's guide with surprise games to help find baby's name, birthday, and favorite food.  Also, includes a birth certificate to fill out.

  • Unwrap 10+ surprises with Baby Born® Surprise.
  • Each baby comes with a surprise swaddle, bottle, and unique hairstyle.
  • 3 water surprises – open baby's eyes, feed baby & she pees, color change diaper.
  • Includes collector's guide with surprise games, as well as birth certificate.
  • Collect all the little bundles of joy!