Track Builder Hot Wheels Unlimited

Track Builder Hot Wheels Unlimited



​There's no limit to what kids can create with Hot Wheels® Track Builder. The best part is challenging kids to create and expand their own imaginary epic sets! This assortment of 7 different packs are organized in 3 categories— BUILD, STUNT, and BOOST.

The Premium Curve Pack is part of the BUILD category and helps kids create unique tracks with 12-inch and 6-inch curved track pieces and straight track that changes direction! The Fold Up Track Pack is also part of the BUILD category and helps kids create unique tracks with 12 feet of straight track and 5 hinge connectors, plus additional basic track connectors. Another BUILD category pack, the Split Track pack, has lanes that allow for awesome multi-car play with 2-into-1 transitions -- kids can create a 4-to-2-to-1 elimination race right out of the box with 3 adjustable Y-track pieces, connectors and 7 pieces of premium molded track!​

The Long Jump Pack track pack includes a 4-speed launcher, cross connectors, jump ramp, landing and track for awesome STUNT builds. The Speed Clamp pack helps kids build vertical elevation for an impressive starter STUNT with the drop gate, or set up in the middle of the track for more momentum and a bigger challenge!

The Loop Kicker Pack is in the BOOST category; its an accelerator that keeps kids' cars racing through tracks. The adjustable Curve Kicker goes from a U-turn to 180-degrees to add 'oomph' to tracks. Add momentum to turns at any angle – also part of the BOOST category, the Curve Kicker pack includes the awesome kicker along with two pieces of track, connectors and a die-cast car.​

Every Track Builder pack includes a Hot Wheels® vehicle and lets kids build whatever they can imagine. Connects to other Hot Wheels® sets for infinite possibilities.