Watchitude Slap Watch Soccer Star


$13.97 $19.99

Ages: 5+

The slap bands add a whole new element of fun to telling time, keeping your kids excited and engaged. The removable watch face allows kids to mix and match with friends, and even keep a collection of bands to wear as bracelets. Let your child wear their attitude with 150+ Watchitude designs to choose from! Our unique custom packaging also makes Watchitude slap watches the perfect gift! What are you waiting for? Slap yourself silly!

Key Features:

  • These are collectible and tradable. Find them all!

  • Encourages kids to learn how to read analog clocks.

  • Made with quality parts for a long-lasting, splashproof watch.

  • Great for accessorizing any outfit you choose

Educational Aspects:

  • Watchitude is a great way for parents to teach their kids how to tell time.