Fubbles Bubble Unicorn Blaster

Fubbles Bubble Unicorn Blaster

Little Kids


For fun with bubbles, it can only be Fubbles! Your child will embrace their inner magic with our Fubbles Unicorn Bubble Blaster and have endless hours of fun blowing continuous streams of bubbles. This Unicorn is certainly magical as it plays music and lights up as your child pushes the easy to use trigger to blow tons of bubbles. Designed with kids and toddlers in mind, this bubble blaster is fun for all and perfect for the backyard, beach, park and any party.

This set includes the Fubbles Unicorn Bubble Blaster with Music and Lights and our Premium Fubbles Non-Toxic Bubble Solution. It is simple to use just twist the provided bottle of bubbles onto the base of the unicorn blaster and it is ready to go! Refilling is easy, just pour the premium solution into the provided bubble blaster container and twist back into place. Works with any refill solution, but we suggest our famous Fubbles non-toxic premium solution for the best bubbles.

Recommended ages 3 years+
Requires 3 "AA" batteries which are NOT included

IMPORTANT: To keep your toy working at its best-it is necessary to clean the toy mechanism by simply rinsing with water after each use.
Preparation instructions

Easy to use: 1. Insert 3 AA (1.5v) batteries into the compartment as shown. 2. Screw the solution bottle as shown in step 2 below, the clear tube must go in the bottle 3. Pull the trigger down for 15 seconds. Pull trigger down 5-6 times to make endless bubbles and have fun 4. After each play, run water through the tubes as shown in step 4 below. Do not immerse in water. Installing the batteries: Battery installation should be done by an adult. Loosen screw of battery door with a Phillips head screwdriver. Remove battery door and place 3 AA (1.5v) fresh batteries as indicated in the battery compartment. Replace battery door cover and tighten screw. Do not over lighten. See important battery warnings. AA/LR6, 1. Install batteries. 2. Attach bubble bottle. 3. Prime machine. 4. Rinse tubes. Warning: no tipping.

Safety warning

Important Battery Warnings: Use only fresh AA (1.5V) batteries. Do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard (carbon zinc), or rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries. No