HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot

HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot
HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot
HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot
HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot


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The HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot is a multi-tiered playset that unlocks the world of nano to new and uncharted territories.

  • 50+ easy connect pieces
  • Two nano nitro included
  • Super charged speed
  • Ages 3 years and up
  • Vibration technology
  • Batteries included
  • Gravity defying

    Discover an all-new realm of creative fun, with the HEXBUG® nano® Nitro™ Habitat Set. This playset unlocks the world of the nano robotic creature as it allows you to create customizable playgrounds for these industrious critters to explore. Featuring simple snap-together pieces, your imagination is the limit.

    The nano are tiny micro robotic creatures that once switched on, can skitter their way through any maze. Watch as it travels swiftly around curves, zooms through merry-go-rounds, or chases a fellow nano Nitro in a high-speed race! Designed to foster children’s creativity, develop fine-motor skills, and fuel hours of amusement, this set gets kids to think about simple construction techniques as well as the science behind the toy.

    HEXBUG nano Nitro Habitat Set is compliant with CPSIA standards.

    Possessing an uncanny sense of balance, it can even flip to its feet and zoom forward when turned on its back! When coming into contact with an object in its path, the energetic insect will switch directions and scurry away on a new path due to its persistent random behavior. HEXBUG nano (random color) is compliant with CPSIA standards.

    Adult assistance may be needed for assembly.

    HEXBUG nano Nitro Slingshot is compliant with CPSIA standards.


    This product contains a Button or Coin Cell Battery. A swallowed Button or Coin Cell Battery can cause internal chemical burns in as little as two hours and lead to death. DO NOT put in nose or mouth.

    • If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention at a hospital emergency room; have hospital phone (205) 635-3333. 
      DO NOT induce vomiting. DO NOT let child eat or drink until an X-ray can determine if a battery is present.
    • Dispose of used batteries immediately.
    • Keep new and used batteries away from children.