Mobi Math Tiles Game

Mobi Math Tiles Game
Mobi Math Tiles Game
Mobi Math Tiles Game
Mobi Math Tiles Game
Mobi Math Tiles Game
Mobi Math Tiles Game

Mobi Games


There have always been plenty of letter-tile word-building games. But... What about numbers?

For mathematicians both young and old, Mobi is a breath of fresh air.

Each player collects seven blue number tiles and then, at the shout of "GO!", the game begins.

Flip all your tiles over and think fast - Using the white math symbol tiles, it's up to you to try and connect all of your numbers into a crossword-style math equation grid:

1 .+. 5 .=. 2 .+. 4

Once you've used all your number tiles, yell "FLIP!" and everyone, whether they're ready or not, has to pick up three more number tiles.

Can't figure out how to use one of your tiles? - Just say "SWAP!" and you can switch it out for two new ones.

The game keeps going and the numbers keep crunching until finally the number pile is all used up. Then - The first player to connect all of his or her numbers wins!

Packaged in a cloth zip-shut bag, Mobi is the quick, addictive, and exceptionally portable number-crunching adventure the whole family will love.

Mobi Math Tiles Game

  • Crossword-like tile game of building a grid of math equations
  • Encourages number skills, logic, quick thinking
  • Brilliant fun for all the mathematicians of the family!
  • First player to use all of his or her number tiles to build a grid of math equations wins
  • Includes 162 tiles packaged in zip-shut cloth bag
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High quality design and materials for lasting durability - An instant family classic!