Pandemonium SALE


$17.59 $29.99

  • Fun for kids and adults - an extraordinary family games that's fun for everyone ages 6 and up. Adults will even have fun with this game when the kids are done! The game is also made with high quality tiles that will last. Game is also compact and fits into a small box for storage - perfect for travel, too!
  • Work fast - this is a 2 player/team game of speed. Once your puzzle is chosen, race to be the first to complete your image…. but there's a twist - pieces may look the same, but they're actually different! It's about distinguishing between colors, shapes and orientations simultaneously. There are 60 graded challenges, each chosen randomly. Everyone can see the same image at the same time, and has exactly the same equipment with which to recreate the image first and win the round.
  • Shape sorting gone extreme - each tile can go either way up and there are numerous pieces that could fill each hole, but won't. And it's that easy… or is it? The first player or team to complete 6 puzzles is the winner!
  • Great activity for all abilities - adds as a useful learning tool for dyslexia & dyspraxia, and can be played by using non-verbal communication skills. Uses skills like speed of thought, strategic planning, visual perception, sequencing, and fine motor skills.
  • Whatever you do, don't Panic! The definition of pandemonium is: wild and noisy disorder or confusion; uproar. In this case, it's utter confusion and chaos… but in a fun way!