University Games Dog Man Attack of the Fleas

University Games Dog Man Attack of the Fleas

University Games

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The Megalomaniacs are up to no good - they’re using the Robo-Brontosaurs to wreak havoc on the town! Work together to stop the Megalomaniacs before they leave the city in ruins. Grabbing helpful tools along the way, corner the Megalomaniacs in the Robo-Brontosaurus before they get away! Once the Robo-Brontosaurus has been cornered by the Supa Buddies, the game is over (wagging tails and happy howls all around). If the Robo-Brontosaurus playing piece makes it to FINISH on the Game Board, the Megalomaniacs have wreaked total and utter havoc on the town and gotten away with the goods - time to reset the game and try again!

Game Length: 15-20 Minutes
Players: 2 to 6

  • Game Board (folding, heavy duty, 4/C, laminated, logo backing)
  • 6 Supa Buddies Playing Pieces and Stands
  • The Bark Knight
  • Lightning Dude
  • Cat Kid
  • Petey
  • The Chief
  • Sarah Hatoff
  • Spinner
  • 20 Tool Tokens
  • Robo-Brontosaurus with Megalomaniacs Playing Piece and Stand
  • Instructions

    For Ages: 7+