Xtrem Bots: Robbie Bot

Xtrem Bots: Robbie Bot
Xtrem Bots: Robbie Bot
Xtrem Bots: Robbie Bot
Xtrem Bots: Robbie Bot

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Your own personal programmable robot!

Robbie has 50 programmable actions, 16 robotic sounds, features 20 LED facial expressions, and is controlled and programmed by the included remote controller. (No screens!)

Program it and set it to navigate your own made-up maze. Control it in real-time with the directional buttons. Or, forget the controller and guide it by simply waving different hand gestures in front of it.

You can even make it dance!

Discover a new best friend in coding with the Xtreme Bots Robbi Robot.

Xtreme Bots Robbie Bot
  • Toy robot that can be controlled and programmed in multiple ways
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, logic, problem-solving, STEM skills, creativity, imaginative play
  • 50 programmable actions
  • 16 robotic sounds
  • 20 LED facial expressions
  • Use the controller to control it in real-time or write a program
  • Up to 50 actions can be programmed in a single sequence
  • Can also be controlled with hand gestures!
  • Includes one Robbie Bot, controller, USB charger
  • Robot is rechargeable
  • Controller requires 2 AA batteries - Not included
  • Quality materials and construction - Exceptional coding experience